There was no song in his hollow heart today. There was less of him. Diabetes.

We remember when Wallace had 2 legs and 2 feet. Over time, his toes were amputated. Then his leg, below his knee. Then his other foot. That was 2 months ago.

He recovered from that surgery in a nursing home but developed complications within a day of being back home. He went back in the hospital and lost half of that leg. Another 28 days in recovery. Now he's home.

"Lots to adjust to," he told us today. There was no twinkle in his eye, no song in his heart.

Wallace, a Marine vet who served 2 tours in Viet Nam, lives with his daughter and her 2 kids. Boy, does he love those kids. It's a privilege to help them out with food each month. That helps stretch the household's $994 income.

While Wallace was away from home, he missed the Social Security re-determination period. That means his income went from $994 to $813 a month. For 5 people.

"I paid all my bills, but ma'am, I only had $28 left to live on this month. Until today I couldn't even get here to get us some food."

There have been lots of follow-up doctor appointments. Wallace uses his reduced CARTA fare to get around, but that ran out weeks ago.

"A few times I had to ask friends to take me to the doctor, but they charged me $15 a trip. Some people just want to take advantage of a bad situation. I don't understand that.

Yes, we gave him a 31-day unlimited CARTA pass.

Does he hurt?

"Lord, yes. All day, every day. I gotta get thru this so I can get my new leg. I gotta stand up again."

Wallace, I missed singing with you today. Tonight I'm singing this song that you wrote. Thought you and others who might need to hear it.

". . .Some folks worry 'bout money. 
Some folks worry 'bout pain. 
I don't worry 'bout the troubles of this world, 'cause
it's more important to me that I'm saved."