Let's talk about Joe for a minute. Joe is a disabled veteran; 8 years in the Air Force. He has had five back surgeries since 1995; he spent the last three months using a walker, and in a wheelchair for four months prior. Joe dedicated 26 years of work at a local hospital, but had to retire two years ago because of his disability.

"I never wanted to get on disability, but after my fifth surgery I had to."

Get this, Joe came to us today for rental assistance because of overpayment on his social security last month. So this month, they took out a lump sum which left Joe with a choice...

"I can either pay my rent of get my meds. I don't know what to do."

Joe's medications only cost him about $150 a month, but he can't go without those. He also can't go without a roof over his head. That's why Joe came to us.

We took care of Joe's rent so he could get those needed medications.

Joe left today knowing that he matters.