MetMin is closed to in-person contact until further notice. We will, however, continue assisting by phone only. We will accept phone calls for assistance Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday starting at 9am for the first 20 callers. 

Please call 423-624-9650 or 423-624-9654.


Who We Are

For nearly four decades, individuals and families with nowhere left to turn have turned to MetMin for immediate help and a more certain hope for the future. MetMin stops homelessness before it starts and provides recovery services for those who’ve already fallen into homelessness.

Help means emergency financial assistance combined with stabilizing, wrap-around services to keep the crisis from recurring. Pledges for rent, utilities and food help are the first step. The next steps are as varied as those we serve.

At MetMin, we know that it’s not enough to simply pay a bill for someone who can’t. Next steps might include on-site health screenings, energy savings classes, computer literacy classes, access to free birth control, legal consultations, educational opportunities, veterinary care, and more.

MetMin offers individuals and families a bridge to continuing self-sufficiency, especially for those who have exhausted all other kinds of support. Each client is welcomed warmly and is treated with dignity and respect.

As the number of those in our community who are on the verge of homelessness continues to increase, MetMin has grown more robust in its work to combat poverty and promote social justice. We respond. We help, right here, right now when the need is the greatest.

MetMin 501(c)3 organization of the Episcopal Diocese of East Tennessee.



MetMin envisions a community where everyone’s basic human needs are met, where people treat each other with respect and hospitality, and where their actions are informed by a common call to combat poverty and promote social justice.



MetMin is a community hub where people come together in compassion, kindness, and mutual respect to provide needed assistance that prevents homelessness and fosters hopefulness.



We Believe

  • in living out our commitment of faith in service to others
  • in the intrinsic value of every individual
  • in responding quickly and without judgement to basic human needs
  • that volunteering is the heart and soul of our organization, and
  • that poverty is everyone’s concern.