MetMin is closed to in-person contact until further notice. We will, however, continue assisting by phone only. We will accept phone calls for assistance Monday -Thursday starting at 9am for the first 20 callers. 

Please call 423-624-9650 or 423-624-9654.


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Goodbye, dear friend…

Today we said goodbye - again - to Peggy Lane. You would have loved her, too!...

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“ ‘If you don’t like it here, good luck finding another place to live.’ That’s what he told me. I...

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"Family takes care of each other, right?" That's what happens in Mandy's 3-generation household. Easy? It's never been easy...

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If Louisa complains about the unsanitary living situation, her landlord will kick her out. That's what she thinks, and she's probably right...

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