MetMin is closed to in-person contact until further notice. We will, however, continue assisting by phone only. We will accept phone calls for assistance Monday -Thursday starting at 9am for the first 20 callers. 

Please call 423-624-9650 or 423-624-9654.

We are not able to provide food assistance at this time.


Job Postings

Chief Executive Officer -Job Description

MetMin seeks a dynamic, articulate individual to lead the organization. Reporting to the Board of Directors, the MetMin CEO is charged with overall supervision and operation of the organization’s staff, programs, growth and mission execution.  This individual is responsible for fostering a positive agency culture; maintaining stakeholder relationships; assuring timely, accurate, relevant and real-time messaging; and upholding financial integrity.

Providing emergency financial intervention and support services to precariously housed and unhoused families and individuals in the tri-state area for over forty years, Metropolitan Ministries [MetMin] is a faith-based, mid-sized nonprofit that courageously works toward creating a community in which peoples’ basic human needs are met and where people treat each other with kindness, hospitality and respect.

MetMin is the founder of the Impact Hub on Rossville Blvd., where other like-minded nonprofits are co-located and share resources, expertise, and a dedication to delivering holistic, wrap-around support to those who turn to each Impact Hub partner agency for help and hope.

The CEO must have a deep understanding of poverty, housing instability, homelessness, and the local community of service providers and resources. It is the responsibility of the MetMin CEO to assure that there are sufficient resources to carry out MetMin’s mission, and to engage and nurture partnerships that enhance positive outcomes. The ideal CEO is flexible, adaptable, idealistic and comfortable with working alongside people of all circumstances. The MetMin CEO needs the skills and confidence that allow the Ministry to explore and sometimes take calculated, gap-filling risks in order achieve the best outcomes for the people it serves.


As MetMin’s leader, the CEO

·         Acts as the spokesperson for the organization and chief advocate for those MetMin serves.

·         Organizes and prepares for, attends and participates in Board meetings, making operational and strategic recommendations to the Board.

·         Attends and participates in Executive Committee meetings.

·         Nurtures the Ministry’s signature culture of welcome, hospitality and kindness with guests, staff, volunteers and donors.

·         Ensures programmatic excellence and consistent integrity of finance, administration, fundraising, communications and systems necessary to both day-to-day and long-term operations.

·         Develops and implements operational policies and protocols that further the strategic objectives of the Ministry.

·         Is responsible for the recruitment, engagement, employment, evaluation and release of all personnel, both paid and volunteer.

Other specific duties include

·         Developing and implementing fundraising efforts that reflect and assure the fullest implementation of the Ministry’s guest service goals

·         Exploring and vetting new sources of revenue to expand those guest service goals, in accordance with the Ministry’s Strategic Goals

·         Serving as a community leader and low-barrier, quickly-responding service provider in times of community crisis by standing ready to deploy staff and volunteers off-site as needed

·         Ensuring the accuracy, integrity and timeliness of all financial reports, records and accounting documents, as well as the annual audit

·         Overseeing and being accountable for the accurate and timely reporting for all grant-funded initiatives and programs

·         Developing the annual budget for Board approval and safeguarding the administration of organizational funds in accordance with the approved budget

·         Providing guidance to organizational personnel through effective goal-setting, delegation and communication

·         Determining and setting appropriate salaries and wage structures

·         Assuring that the maintenance and operation of the facility allow MetMin and its partners to most fully achieve their guest service agendas

·         Complying with all federal, state and city requirements and regulations associated with guest service, grant funding, and property ownership


Essential Competencies


·         Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a relevant field of study

·         At least 5 years of proven, effective leadership experience, preferably in a non-profit setting

·         Knowledge of homelessness prevention and recovery service delivery models, especially those generally accepted as best practices industry-wide

·         Proven dedication to collaborative guest service delivery, program development, and impact advancement

·         Proven and exceptional verbal and written communications skills, including public speaking, both planned and impromptu

·         A proven record of fundraising efforts, including campaigns, donor relations, donor cultivation and grantsmanship

·         Excellent analytical and organizational skills

·         A dedication to creating a diverse workforce and Board of Directors

Application Process – Due before January 1, 2022

Interested candidates should submit a resume and cover letter, outlining how your skills and experience meet the qualifications of the position, to