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Will’s Story

MetMin Will

"I never met a man I didn't like." Will Rogers is an American legend. OUR Will Rogers? He's a MetMin hero.

We first met Our Will in 2011 at one of his lowest points.Today, Our Will worked with us as a MetMin partner in the job he's paid to do. "It's one thing to have a job that helps you, but I decided I had to have a job that helps others."

Today Our Will worked non-stop at to provide free cell phones, right here and right now, to more than a dozen MetMin guests. He'll provide that service next Tuesday and all the following Tuesdays.

Our Will is a native Chattanoogan, 46 years old. College was a big party while it lasted. An 8-year stint in the Army and National Guard came next. Will was a Communications Specialist during Operation Just Cause, charged with removing Noriega from power.

A bad jump from a C-130 plane left him with a broken pelvis, for starters. The healing left Our Will with a curious set of legs. His feet sort of rotate, well, backwards. Rehab was slow, but Our Will refuses further surgery to correct those curious legs.

"Disability? I don't need it. I can work. My legs work for me. I'd be out of commission for 18 months if I had more surgery."

Our 2011 Will had lost his job. It was his longest period of unemployment - 9 months. He did a little of everything after that. He drove a taxi, worked in retail, meat sales from truck - whatever it took.


Our Will is active in a number of civic and service organizations, plays the drums at his church, will probably marry his high school sweetheart this year, and lives in a home that's paid for.

How'd Our Will do it? What's the key to his success?

"Learn to take other people's emotions and struggles into account. It's not just about you. Everyone's going through something.
Sometimes you've got to change your perspective, change your attitude, and learn to adapt."

Our Will Rogers. MetMin hero.


August 30, 2016

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