Mrs. Solomon

If you think your gift of $31 each month won’t go very far, think again.

Mrs. Solomon had never asked for help before, but her electricity was scheduled to be cut off the next day.

Her income was cut in half when her husband passed in November but, really, it had always been hard for the elderly couple. When Mrs. Solomon received 2 months of crazy high electric bills, she found a problem with her water heater. That’s what was driving up her electric bill. How could this 87 year old diabetic manage without heat, and without electricity for her insulin?

MetMin paid off Mrs. Solomon's electric bill and, as you read this, she’s warm and her insulin is cold. Her water heater has been fixed by a fellow church member.

Mrs. Solomon’s story? It’s one of dozens of crises that MetMin extinguishes every day. But Mrs. Solomon tells us that she had been praying for a miracle.

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